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How amazing would your office building look with some backlit signs? 

How would you like to attract new customers simply while driving around town?

How easy would your office rebrand be if you could find a company to do it all for you?

Whether you want to spruce up your exterior business signage, deck out an event with consistent branding, give your office interiors a glow-up or turn your company vehicles into rolling billboards, we’re here to help.

Based in St Neots, we support businesses in Cambridge, Bedford, Peterborough, Huntingdon, St Ives, Biggleswade, Sandy and beyond who need a reliable sign maker or vehicle graphics designer.

Business and commercial signage and vehicle graphics services

office graphics | Motive Graphics | Magpas

Office interior graphics

From wall graphics or signs to help customers and staff navigate your building, to inspirational quotes and company branding in your boardroom, our experts will create the perfect blend of eye-catching office graphics. Pick from acrylic signs, window frosting, 3D lettering or even custom wallpaper.

external building signage | Motive Graphics | Maersk

Exterior business signs

Whether you need a new backlit sign to help customers spot you from the roadside or a sophisticated wayfinder to guide guests in, we’re a signage design company you can trust. Never again worry that a visitor will struggle to find you, or that a prospective customer will just walk on by.

van branding | Motive Graphics | Nash Electrical

Vehicle graphics and wraps

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sole trader with one van or a huge company with a fleet of vehicles; our vehicle graphics experts will turn anything on four wheels into a rolling billboard. We also supply and fit Chapter 8 chevron kits for highway maintenance.

signage design company | Motive Graphics | BeautyBeat

Event signage and graphics

If you’re hosting an event and want your branding on every wall, door and lamppost around the venue, we can help. Think floor-ceiling vinyls, backlit signage, window graphics, props and games and your logo in places even the venue hasn’t thought of!

why motive graphics?

van graphics | Motive Graphics

You’ll only ever deal with our team

We offer a 100% in-house service. From initial query to project completion. We’ll handle the project management, site surveys, design and installation – the lot. You’ll get to know our team, and we’ll get to know yours.

We want to make life easier for our customers, so we do everything possible to remove the stress often associated with big branding jobs.

commercial signage | Motive Graphics | Cafepod

We understand visual marketing

We understand how design works and how visual marketing fits into a company’s wider brand. Our experts know exactly what’s needed to make a design stand out on a crowded high street, or how to apply a brand palette to both buildings and vehicles.

While we love working collaboratively with our clients and making their vision boards come to life, we’re not afraid to offer advice and guidance if we think ‘option A’ won’t quite work. We focus on solutions, not problems.

sign maker | Motive Graphics | IPL

No job is too big – or too small

Have you recently undergone a whole company rebrand? Have you got a new logo, or strapline, which must be visible across many buildings and vehicles? Or, do you have a small, independent coffee shop on the high street? No problem!

From small-scale boutiques to multi-site businesses, just one van to an entire fleet of HGVs, we’ll deploy a whole team of experts to complete the job to the highest standard.

signs for business | Motive Graphics | SEP

Building trust with our customers

Our young, vibrant and understanding team knows that when time is of the essence, you don’t want to be chasing suppliers or contractors – so we respond when we say we will. All of our staff are familiar with every project we’re working on; you’ll never get passed from pillar to post.

We love working on design projects and want the process to be enjoyable for you, too. So, we build effective, professional, yet relaxed relationships with all our customers.

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Business we’ve worked with

external building signage | Motive Graphics | Barth Haas

external building signage

BarthHaas | Huntingdon

stand out signs | Motive Graphics | Frontier

Custom signs: large tray sign

Frontier | Sandy

office graphics | Motive Graphics | EPM

Office Graphics: Custom Wallpaper

EPM | Huntingdon

office graphics | Motive Graphics | Raspberry Pi

Office Graphics: Window Frosting

Raspberry Pi | Cambridge