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floor stickers for social distancing, a new normal

The coronavirus has turned the world literally on its head, the impact felt across society has been huge and the impact on our nation and NHS has been enormous. You probably did not need me to tell you this?

The impact on business has been massive and as we plan a return to work all business will need to adjust to the new normal and get our business and place of work ready and safe to return to.

We have now seen the efforts of supermarkets to introduce social distancing and the use of social distancing products and floor stickers for social distancing, but how will this affect your business and place of work?

1. think about it, hard.

We are now aware of what is required of us, reduce contact with each other, keep 2 meters apart and stay home if we are unwell, but how do we manage this at work? Just plastering the workplace with a generic social distancing sign, might work, but every business needs to assess risk. What is the point of putting social distancing floor stickers in areas where the public are if you can’t keep your staff safe and distanced?

Where your staff sit, the coffee machine, the kettle, fridge, toilets, corridors, lifts, small offices, seating, EVERYTHING. Our advice is literally to walk from the front door to goods out and do a full top to bottom risk assessment.

Social distancing, a new normal 1

2. reduce the risk, stop the spread

Obviously, if you can reduce the risk of cross-infection it needs to be done, to do this you’ll need to do a full risk assessment (I can hear the groans already). We have provided a free Covid-19 risk assessment form for you to download, go all through your business, work out the risks and then measure these. If you cannot control it, you need to manage it.

Can you isolate your team, can they work from home? If not can a cough guard help keep them apart?

3. if it’s not obvious you need a social distancing sign.

What you think might be obvious as you do your risk assessment, might not be to a member of staff, and certainly won’t to a visitor.

If you can’t isolate a risk area you need to think about making sure everyone is aware of the risk. This is where floor stickers, social distancing products or a social distancing sign come into play. They are easy to fit, safe to use and easily available.

4. a social distancing sign is just the start

Training your staff is relatively easy, and reaffirming this with social distancing floor stickers, help remind everyone of the need, but it won’t be enough.

Set up a team within the business and give them a clear remit, make this written, get it agreed and get it on notice boards or your internal network. Getting the management to support this programme (and let’s be honest here) isn’t optional, it’s mandatory, we are literally talking about peoples lives. Any organisation that has used Kaizen or 6S, use the same principals and get this done on day one of the returns to work, ideally before.

Once they identify risks and areas where notices are needed and best practice needs to be observed, print of some social distancing signs and some safety signs and get them up.

Social distancing, a new normal 2
Social distancing, a new normal 3
Social distancing, a new normal 4

5. social distancing floor stickers and the public.

If training your staff is a challenge, this is nothing compared to training someone who has never been in your business before.

Supermarkets have used social distancing floor stickers to a great effect, people are aware of risk, and will be looking for it, but you can’t expect member of the public to know how many people you want in your shop or place of work at any one time, how many people in a lift, where to queue or where they can or can’t sit, you have to tell them.

Get floor stickers for social distancing, directional floor stickers, roller banners or whatever media you decide to choose and place these at every point of risk identified in your risk assessment.

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Social distancing, a new normal 6
Social distancing, a new normal 7

6. it’s not that bad, take heart.

Anyone who has tried to put in procedures in the workplace and have struggled to do so, take heart. We aren’t talking about “clean up your desk” memo here. This is a serious matter and it affects us all, your team and people will comply, apart from the odd Covidiot, but maybe 100% of people will never stick to the guidelines.

A well-marked out shop or place or work with social distancing products such as; directional floor stickers, social distancing signs, partitions and stop the spread stickers will greatly help reduce the risk to both your team and members of the public.

Most people will get it, you will need to manage it, but if everyone works at it, we will all get used to living and working with the new norm.

If you want to look for ideas and products that WILL help you have a look at the product range here,   and see if it will help you?

David Hennessy

David Hennessy

David Hennessy is our Managing Director and co-founder of Motive Graphics, a sign, vehicle graphics and exhibition services business based in Huntingdon and supplying Cambridge, Peterborough and Nationally.

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