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On Tuesday last week (3rd March 2020), the Government’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer invited the UK Events Industry to a conference call to catch up on the latest information and actions taken due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

Some frantic note taking has been shared, the information and advice is summarised neatly by Jim Winship from the Events Industry Forum.

This information should help those in doubt over their own events; it should be shared widely along with the advice to keep informed of further developments.

1. Coronavirus is part of a family of virus’, which range from the common cold to SARS and MERS.

2. There is some evidence that it is very rare for those under 25 to get Coronavirus.

3. The vast majority of those catching Coronavirus will suffer not more than typical cold symptoms and then get better. Recovery is about a week.

4. A small proportion of people – those with underlying symptoms (diabetics etc) and elderly over 60 – at greater risk. The main risk is severe pneumonia.

5. 98% of those catching Coronavirus will just get better.

6. It is very unlikely that there will be any vaccine available for around 18 months.

7. The most likely places for the virus to spread are in the home, at school or in the workplace.

8. It is highly unlikely people will pick up the virus walking in the street or shopping etc.

9. Transmission is generally by close contact.

10. Equally it is less likely they will pick the virus up at outdoor events, than on a crowded underground or in a packed pub after a football match.

11. There is currently no plan to ban or shutdown any events in the UK.

12. Surfaces like stainless steel, wood etc. do not seem to harbour viruses like this – plastic, on the other hand, does.

13. Washing hands is important –  find out the best way to wash your hands

14. Generally, the advice is that people should continue to go about their normal lives but if they feel unwell they should stay at home.

15. Government may issue specific advice for vulnerable groups but nothing is planned at the moment.

16. It is unlikely that the UK Government will follow others in banning events, such as football matches, as the risk of catching the virus is low and they are keen for people to continue to live their lives normally.

17. Rather than event cancellation, organisers should perhaps check with attendees to see if they should consider not attending.

Generally, there was reassurance that businesses should continue to run normally unless things dramatically change.

For all the latest on the outbreak keep up-to-date with Coronavirus

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