Make your business unmissable with branded commercial signage

Commercial signage to make you stand out from your neighbours

Bespoke commercial signage for your business

Is your premises in the middle of a bustling business park?

Are you located on the edge of a main road or roundabout?

Have you recently moved locations and want to let your new neighbours know who you are?

If so, branded commercial signage is the perfect way to attract the attention of prospective customers or ensure that planned visitors can find you!

Every business can benefit from commercial signage; from small boutiques to multisite organisations, even small signs can make a big impact.


Match your external signage to your internal business branding

Combine exterior illuminated signage, internal wayfinding signs, and window graphics to transform your premises and make you look the absolute business!

Making sure the inside of your building looks as good as the outside will ensure that your customer’s final impression will be as good as their first.

Our sign makers are experts in bringing together whole marketing concepts. Nothing is treated in isolation and whether you need one sign or ten, the final product will fit seamlessly with the look and feel of your existing branding.

Ready to bring your brand’s story to life?

What commercial signage options are there?

“Commercial signage” is a catch-all phrase that covers both external and internal business signage. Business signs come in all different shapes and sizes, but below are some of our most highly requested options.

Tray signs for business

Tray signs

A tray sign is a flat aluminium composite panel that is folded on all four sides to create a 3D box (think of it like a cake tin lid!).
If you’re looking for a versatile sign that can be made to fit your shop’s face or wall perfectly without breaking the bank, a tray sign could be ideal.

Flex face signs for business

Flex face signs

If you want to make a big impact with an even bigger sign, flex face signs are a great option. These can be made as big as you want, meaning they’re great for retail parks, warehouses, offices and units on business parks or industrial estate


Illuminated signs

Installing illuminated signs will allow your business to stand out after dark.

There are various ways to put your brand in the spotlight, from LED signs to facelit signs and everything in between.

3D lettering building signs

3D lettering

Using thicker materials is a great way to add a premium look to your sign letters without spending a fortune. Thicker materials such as aluminium, sheet timber, or acrylic – which can be anywhere from 10mm to 25mm – allow you to have your letters raised on hidden spacers, mounted on a tray, or mounted directly to the wall.


Wayfinding signs

From illuminated totem signs to double-sided monolith options, our wayfinding and informational signage will ensure your staff and visitors know everything you need them to about your business.

Interior graphics signage for business

Interior graphics

Once your visitors are inside, make sure they don’t want to leave!

With window graphics, illuminated signs, and a range of branded wall graphics, you can create a welcoming environment for customers or a productive workplace for staff.

Our process is quick and simple

Depending on the size of your office graphics, from enquiry to installation can be just a few short days.

Commercial- sector template 1

Step one.


Get in touch!

Send us the information you have so far (measurements, photos, and information about the building) and we can chat about your requirements.

Commercial- sector template 2

Step two.


We’ll conduct a site visit.

We might not need a site visit if you’ve already provided measurements and building details. But we’ll pop over and do a recce if needs be.

Commercial- sector template 3

Step three.


Quote and design proposal.

We’ll send you a quote and some initial design ideas for you to provide feedback on. Once you’re happy, we’ll arrange a deposit and payment.

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Step four.


Approval and deposit.

We’ll carry out all the necessary checks and arrange a convenient time for our friendly sign makers to install your brand-new signage.

we’d love to hear from you

Simply fill in the below, and we will be in touch.

Prefer to chat with us? Call 01480 597 444


Can you do the design and artwork?

Absolutely! Our experienced team of sign makers are also qualified designers, which means we can design a sign that will look as good on paper as it does once it’s installed. We’re used to working with brand guidelines to keep signage consistent across every touchpoint.

We also love a challenge – the wilder and whackier the better. Want an unusual material or finish to make a real statement? Leave it with us!


What are the signs on the front of businesses called?

The most popular types of building signs you find on the front of buildings are:

Tray signs
Flex face signs
Acrylic signs
Illuminated signs


How do I choose the right business sign for me?

With so many options to choose from, you might feel daunted by what’s available for your company signage.

Our team will talk you through what you need, the different locations you need external signage, and how your premises are used so that we can suggest what signage will be suitable.

We’ll come and survey your site and talk through the practicalities of an installation, such as health and safety, the equipment we’ll need to fit and manage high-traffic areas, and the electrical requirements.

How quickly can you install our commercial signage?

How quickly we can install your signs or graphics and how long it will take depends on when we can access your site and how big/complex the signs and graphics are.

When we conduct your site survey, we’ll be able to give you a much better idea of timings and processes.


Can you install commercial signage out of hours?

Absolutely! We’ll work around you to ensure we install at the most convenient time for the venue and venue management.

To minimise on-site disruption, installation at the weekend or out-of-hours may be more appropriate. We are always happy to discuss what will work best for you.


Who provides the specialist access and installation equipment?

We do. If we need specialist equipment to undertake the installation, then we will provide it. We will work with your site health and safety representative to organise access.


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