Illuminated signs

Illuminated signs to make your business or shop stand out

Stand out even in the dark
Low maintenance and weatherproof
Energy-efficient LED bulbs

LED and illuminated signage

Adding illumination to your business sign or shop sign is the best way to make your premises stand out 24/7. While your competition misses out, you’ll be a shining example of advertising when the sun goes down.

Do you have a business that faces onto a road, shopping precinct, or rail track? Is your shop or commercial unit regularly visited during hours of darkness? If so, installing illuminated signage is the perfect solution to make your building unmissable.

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What do I need to consider before investing in an illuminated sign?

While we aim to make buying a new sign as easy as possible, it’s not quite as simple as, “We’d like a new sign, please. Great, thanks!”.

Whether you need a custom sign, illuminated signage, or backlit signage, there are several things you’ll need to decide on that could impact the process: the design, the production, materials, access to the location, and labour and installation.

Some signs for instance are really heavy and aren’t suitable to be mounted into certain surfaces. Others might need permission from the council to install.

Make sure you’re clued up on what you need to consider when buying a new business sign.

Why choose Motive Graphics

We blend friendly service with knowledge, expertise, and decades of experience, readily offering ideas to give your business a competitive edge. One of the things we’re best at is really getting to the bottom of our customers’ problems – we’ll find solutions to your pain points no matter how challenging they might be.

Our process from enquiry to installation is collaborative but well-honed – we work quickly, but thoroughly. After you’ve got in touch, we’ll listen to your ideas, look at your space, and advise you on available options. Some exterior signs might require landlord approval, so we can talk you through that too.

We’ll advise you on the installation process (including any disruption that might be caused to the public), and then once you’re happy, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive quote and project plan.

You’ll work with our in-house design team to customise your illuminated signs: the depth, letter spacing, materials, colours, LEDs and finish are all adaptable so you can create something unique to your brand.

We want you to get the most out of your investment, so we’ll provide expert advice on maintaining your illuminated signs to keep them looking great and extend their life.


Why choose illuminated signage

Our whole range of illuminated signage products offer the following benefits:

  • Typically a 2 week turnaround
  • An array of different sign types to choose from
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Energy-efficient LED bulbs as standard

  • Range of materials and finishes
  • Vast choice of colours
  • Can be turned on and off manually
  • 1-year guarantee

What type of illuminated signage should I go for?

There are various ways to put your brand in the spotlight, from LED signs to facelit signs and everything in between.


LED halo lit signs

LED halo lighting is the perfect way to light up 3D text. Lights are fitted within each letter and cleverly angled to make the sign look like it’s floating or has a halo.

These are completely customisable, from the colour of the lighting and the lettering to the font and thickness of the text.

From reception areas to exterior walls, LED halo lighting is extremely versatile and can be used pretty much anywhere.


Illuminated letters

We can light up whole logos that are created out of white or coloured semi-opaque acrylic.

By adding LED lights to the base, our team of sign and graphics designers will make your logo glow from every angle.

If you’re looking for eye-catching illuminated signage that really stands out, this is the option for you.


Facelit signs

Sometimes known as “built-up signs”, facelit signs have a stainless steel or aluminium body that is powder-coated in a colour to suit your brand.

They are then fitted with semi-opaque coloured acrylic and LEDs to create a front-lit illuminated sign.

This option works indoors and outdoors, particularly for shops and businesses with customers regularly visiting them after the sun goes down.

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Fret-cut signs

Fret-cut signs are kind of like sandwiches! Two pieces of metal are placed together, and your chosen sign design is cut out of the front. A sheet of acrylic plus a series of LEDs are installed between the two, illuminating the cut-out area.

Because the acrylic and LEDs are sandwiched between the two pieces of metal, fret-cut signs are super durable so they are the perfect outdoor illuminated sign option.


Illuminated sign trays

Tray signs feature folded edges to create a ‘tray’ effect. Your design of choice – a logo, text, shape, or a combination – is then cut out on the face.

White or coloured semi-opaque acrylic is then fixed behind this with LED lights installed inside the tray, resulting in a hugely impactful yet cost-effective sign.


Backlit flexface signs

Flexface LED backlit signs are suited to larger designs. They’re made from an aluminium frame, with LEDs pointing towards the sign’s face.

A printed PVC graphic of your choice is then stretched over the framework to create a seamless backlit finish.

This is a great option if you need a giant illuminated sign!

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Do I need to arrange electricity for my illuminated sign?

The simple answer is yes. You’ll need electricity to run to your illuminated sign – but we can help!

Whether you have an on-site electrician who can wire in a new connection point or need help from one of our electrician partners, we’ll provide all the guidance you need.

Before fitting your sign, our team will discuss the electrics with you to ensure we have the correct connections on the day. Sometimes, we’ll have to pre-fit the electrics  (this is common on interior signs where wires need to be concealed in the walls).

Can I switch my sign on and off?

Yes – we offer a few options for switching your sign on and off.

  • Photocell switch. Using a photocell switch on your external illuminated signs is a great way to ensure that your sign is always on when it’s dark outside. The photocell will switch the sign on when the light is low outside and off when the sun comes up.
  • Timer switch. We can arrange for the sign to be hooked to a timer switch so you can fully control when it switches on and off. The downside to a timer is that it’ll need adjusting as the nights draw in and out.
  • Manual switch. We can wire the sign into a standard light switch so you can control when it’s turned on and off. As this is a manual way of switching your illuminated sign on and off, it can easily be forgotten about!
  • Integrating into your lighting circuit. One of the best ways to control when internal LED signs are on and off is to integrate them into your lighting circuit. This means that when the lights are on, so is your sign. It’s one less thing to remember to turn on and off when arriving at or leaving the office!
Is running an illuminated sign expensive?

Our illuminated signage options use low-energy LED lights that run off a 12V transformer. While they will cost more to run than their non-illuminated cousins, they are a cheap and more environmentally-friendly choice than some other illumination options.

Do I need planning permission for my illuminated sign?

If you work in a listed building, residential area, high street, or shopping centre, you may need planning permission before fitting your illuminated sign.

Get in contact and we can point you in the right direction on where to check with your local council if you’re unsure.

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