Flexface signs

Go big and bold with our creative flex face signs

Illuminated or non-illuminated options
Low maintenance and weatherproof
Seamless appearance

Flex face signs are the perfect large-scale choice

Are you looking for a large sign for your warehouse so visitors can spot it from afar?

Do you want to make a statement in a sea of sameness on your business park?

Does your business need illuminated signage to ensure it’s unmissable after dark?

If so, a flex face sign from Motive Graphics could be the answer to your problems!

When we say there’s no limit to the size these can be, we mean it. Unlike rigid signs made from acrylic or metal, flex face signs are made from a special PVC, so they’re the perfect choice for filling an entire wall or installing at height to make your business stand out even if it’s on the horizon.

flex face signs-motive-graphics
flex face sign-motive-graphics

A safe, seamless option – even at height

Unlike other sign options, which are created from multiple sections when built above a certain dimension, flex face signs are one seamless unit – however big you go!

Flex face signs are also much safer than some choices when used at height. They’re light, so they impose less strain on the building structure and, compared to options like acrylic, pose a much lesser risk of being damaged in heavy winds.

They also come in non-illuminated and illuminated options, so the customisation options are as endless as the size.

Why choose Motive Graphics

We blend friendly service with knowledge, expertise, and decades of experience, readily offering ideas to give your business a competitive edge. One of the things we’re best at is really getting to the bottom of our customers’ problems – we’ll find solutions to your pain points no matter how challenging they might be.

Our process from enquiry to installation is collaborative but well-honed – we work quickly but thoroughly. After you’ve got in touch, we’ll listen to your ideas, look at your space, and advise you on available options. Some flex face signs might require landlord approval, so we can talk you through that, too.

We’ll advise you on the installation process (including any disruption that might be caused to the public), and then once you’re happy, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive quote and project plan.

You’ll work with our in-house design team to customise your flex face sign. The size, materials, finish and colour are all adaptable, so you can create something unique to your brand.

We want you to get the most out of your investment, so we’ll provide expert advice on maintaining your flex face sign to keep it looking tip-top for as long as possible.

illuminated flex face sign-motive-graphics

Why choose a flex face sign?

Flex face is the way to go if you need a large-scale sign. This signage option will also be:

  • Ready within 2-4 weeks
  • Cost-effective
  • Available in a choice of materials, depths and finishes
  • Available in illuminated or non-illuminated options
  • Supplied with a 12-month guarantee

  • Perfect for external use
  • Weatherproof
  • Lightweight (ideal for installation at height)
  • Safer than many other options

What flex face signage options are there?

Whether you choose an illuminated or non-illuminated option, flex face signs are ideal if you need to make a big impact on a smaller budget.


Non-illuminated flex face sign

Non-illuminated flex face signs are a cost-effective way to install a large sign on your building. They’re the perfect choice for large industrial buildings and warehouses, businesses with a restricted budget, or areas where planning rules don’t permit illuminated or lit options.

To create our non-illuminated flex face signs, our flexible, strong, and tensioned PVC is printed and stretched across a rigid, weather-proof aluminium framework. These high-quality flex face materials are designed to avoid blowouts in windy conditions.

flex face signs cambridgeshire motive graphics

Illuminated flex face sign

Our illuminated flex face signs are constructed in the same way as our standard flex face signage, just slightly deeper to accommodate LED light modules.

Our PVC material is strong but translucent enough for light to shine through. These signs are ideal for shopping retail parks, warehouses in 24/7 operation, leisure and hospitality premises, and airports – basically, anywhere where being seen when the sun goes down is imperative.

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What is the difference between a flex face sign and a tray sign?

There are a few subtle differences between a flex face sign and a tray sign, but from our perspective, the former is much easier to install than a huge tray sign.

Large-scale tray signs weigh a lot, so they must be fitted in sections. Flex face signs are lighter and easier to handle, therefore quicker to install – especially at height.

If your premises are in a high-traffic area, we recommend a flex face sign over a tray sign, as the installation time will be much less and will cause less disruption.

Do you need permission for a flex face sign?

Quite possibly, yes!

If you’ve opted for illuminated signage or a design that protrudes from the wall, you might need a council permit.

And if your shop is located on a busy high street, health and safety requirements might state that parts of the road and pavement need to be closed for installation. This means either you or we will need to liaise with the council to make the necessary arrangements.

This might sound daunting, but we’ve liaised with many councils to arrange for the safe fitting of signs for our customers – it’s easily doable; you just need to know what’s required!

If you’re unsure what paperwork your dream custom sign might need, we can advise on that.

Are flex face signs weatherproof?

Yes – they’re weather and wind-resistant. Flex face signage systems are guaranteed against blowout in windy conditions, making them an ideal signage solution for high-traffic areas where pedestrian safety is critical, such as retail parks, leisure centres, airports, and visitor attractions.

Where can flex face signs be used?

Flex face signs can be scaled to nearly any size, so they’re perfect for:

  • Shopping centres and retail parks
  • Warehouses and logistics parks
  • Shop front signs
  • Visitor attractions
  • Transport hubs like airports
  • Leisure centres
  • Football stadiums
Can you manage our flex face sign installation?

Yes, we can manage the complete flex face sign installation process from design to installation, including providing guidance on any required permissions and liaising with landlords and local authorities.

We don’t have artwork for our signs. Can you help?

Yes – our in-house design team are on hand!

We’ll manage the whole process for you, providing a design that matches the exact specifications of the sign you need. You’ll be sent artwork for approval before manufacture begins, so you’ll know what your sign will look like before we get started.

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