Wayfinding signage

Use branded wayfinding signage to help visitors and staff find their way to and around your premises

Can be printed double-sided
Low maintenance and weatherproof
Suitable both indoors or outdoors

Help customers find your building and direct staff around their workplace with customised wayfinding signage

Do you need visitors to be able to identify and find your business easily?

Looking to create maximum visual impact before guests step through your door?

Are you looking to guide people around your site with ease?

Provide directional information to make visitors’ experiences seamless and easy with customised wayfinding signage.

Wayfinding signage, such as monolith and totem signs, provides directions and important information for visitors and staff.

Place one in your car park to provide instant brand visibility and direct people around your site both inside and out.

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Bespoke wayfinding signage to complement your brand

Make sure your branding is impactful and consistent right from the car park to the meeting rooms with branded wayfinding signage.

Directional signage is versatile and perfect for business parks, schools, office complexes or retail parks. Available in various materials, they can be double-sided to display twice the information or illuminated to make an unmissable visual impact and deliver critical details such as exit routes or fire escape locations.

We design and install different types of wayfinding and directional signage both inside and outside. These can be combined with floor graphics to give directions at every eye level.

Why choose Motive Graphics

We blend friendly service with knowledge, expertise, and decades of experience, readily offering ideas to give your business a competitive edge. One of the things we’re best at is really getting to the bottom of our customers’ problems – we’ll find solutions to your pain points no matter how challenging they might be.

Our process from enquiry to installation is collaborative but well-honed – we work quickly, but thoroughly. After you’ve got in touch, we’ll listen to your ideas, look at your space, and advise you on available options. Some exterior wayfinding or totem signage might require landlord approval, so we can talk you through that too.

We’ll advise you on the installation process (including any disruption that might be caused to the public), and then once you’re happy, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive quote and project plan.

You’ll work with our in-house design team to customise your wayfinding signs: the materials, colours, and finishes are all adaptable, so you can create something unique to your brand.

We want you to get the most out of your investment, so we’ll provide expert advice on maintaining your wayfinding signs to keep them looking great and extend their life.

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Why choose wayfinding signage

Our monolith and totem signage options are:

  • Typically available in 1 week for panel and post signs
  • Typically available in 2-3 weeks for totem signs
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Available in illuminated, non-illuminated and solar-powered options

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoors
  • Available in single or double-sided for maximum visibility
  • Available in a huge range of materials and finishes
  • Perfect for parks, educational buildings, transport hubs, business and retail parks

What type of wayfinding signage should I go for?

From illuminated totem signs to double-sided monolith options, our wayfinding and informational signage will ensure your staff and visitors know everything you need them to know about your business.

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Monolith and totem signs

Our monolith signs are made to your exact specifications.

They’re made from weather-resistant aluminium or aluminium composite with hidden fixtures and concreted into place so they’re durable, long-lasting and eye-catching.

Advertising lots of businesses within a retail or industrial park and looking for wayfinding signage that can be updated as new companies arrive? Our easy-to-update totem signs enable you to slot a new design into the base as and when you need to update a business name.

illuminated signage and wayfinding motive graphics

Illuminated monolith and totem signs

Turn your 360 wayfinding signage into signage that will guide your visitors 24 hours a day!

The LED modules in our illuminated monolith and totem signs are suitable for outdoor use. With a range of colours and finishes available, you choose how you light up your brand.

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Internal wayfinding signage

Totem signs can be used for internal wayfinding signage.

Freestanding or fixed to walls, single or double-sided – the choice is yours. The totems’ versatile size, combined with customisable colours and a range of finishes, means they can be designed and built to your precise specifications.

custom exhibition stand design - Motive Exhibitions

Custom wayfinding signs

Our custom wayfinding signs (including our monolith signs) can be made from a mix of materials for ultimate durability and versatility. These are perfect if you’re looking to create sign structures which fit into their environment – they’re ideal for parks and nature reserves.

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Post and panel signs

A post-and-panel sign consists of two posts secured together by a panel. This panel can display descriptive information, branding, or other useful information -whatever you need, really!

Post and panel signs can be low-level, eye-level or higher, and even illuminated for maximum effect. Made from hard-wearing material, they’re durable and don’t rust.

event-wayfinding-signage motive graphics

Event wayfinding signs

Are you running an event and need to guide people from the car park to the venue? Our custom temporary wayfinding signage will ease visitors’ journeys and leave no mark on the location once the event ends.

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What is wayfinding signage?

Wayfinding signage helps visitors, customers, and staff navigate your site.

They can be placed indoors or outdoors to highlight exit routes and fire exits in case of emergency, help people find the correct entrances and navigate to different departments.

What is totem signage?

Totem signs are also referred to as monolith signs. They’re constructed and look like a freestanding ‘monolith’ structure and often deliver information at eye height.

They can be printed or constructed in different materials and finishes and illuminated to make them unmissable.

Popular locations for totem signs include public parks, hotels, visitor attractions, retail and business parks, schools, universities and airports.

What’s the difference between wayfinding signage and totem signage?

Wayfinding signage provides navigational and directional information, while totem signage combines directional information, site maps, business details, and branding to create a one-stop shop for visitor information.

Where can I install a monolith or totem sign?

Pretty much anywhere there’s space!
These can be installed inside buildings to provide visitors with critical information they’ll need during their time with you. They’re made of durable materials and can also be placed outside.

Can you customise the size of the monolith and totem signs?

Absolutely! Every wayfinding sign is customised for its location. We can fit several totem or monolith signs in one location, and each one can be different, depending on the space it needs to be fitted, the information presented, and whether it is inside or outside.

Do I need permission for a sign?

Quite possibly, yes!

You’ll need to check with the council or the land or building owner.

Parts of the road and pavement may need to be closed for installation. This means either you or we will need to liaise with the council or landowner to make the necessary arrangements.

This might sound daunting, but we’ve liaised with many management companies and councils to arrange for the safe fitting of signs for our customers – it’s easily doable; you just need to know what’s required!

If you’re unsure what paperwork your dream custom sign might need, we can advise on that.

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