Acrylic  signs

Work with us to create a bespoke acrylic business sign perfect for indoor or outdoor use

Looks like glass but won’t shatter
Low maintenance and weatherproof
Can be as big or small as you need

Custom-made acrylic business signs

Are you looking for a sign that will easily attach to a wall on your premises?
Do you need the final touches added to a building rebrand project?

Like the look of glass, but want something safer that won’t shatter?

Perfect for external fascias, internal walls, reception areas, or as wayfinders, acrylic signs are a popular choice for businesses big and small. We’ve installed acrylic signs in (and on!) offices, schools, retail, hospitality, warehouses and office customers.

Acrylic is hugely versatile, and we’ve printed branded designs as small as door numbers and room names in corporate offices, as well as huge colourful displays in schools and colleges.

acrylic signs motive graphics
acrylic business sign motive graphics

Acrylic signage is perfect for adding style and brand personality

Acrylic signs can feature graphics (like logos) or illuminated custom-made letters to create an eye-catching design inside or out.
They’re incredibly versatile, with hundreds of colours, sizes and applications to choose from.
Whichever option you choose, you can take your pick from multiple colours and finishes to create something which makes your building stand out.

Why choose Motive for your sign

We blend friendly service with knowledge, expertise, and decades of experience, readily offering ideas to give your business a competitive edge. One of the things we’re best at is really getting to the bottom of our customers’ problems – we’ll find solutions to your pain points no matter how challenging they might be.

Our process from enquiry to installation is collaborative but well-honed – we work quickly, but thoroughly. After you’ve got in touch, we’ll listen to your ideas, look at your space, and advise you on available options. Some exterior signs might require landlord approval, so we can talk you through that too.

We’ll advise you on the installation process (including any disruption that might be caused to the public), and then once you’re happy, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive quote and project plan.

You’ll work with our in-house design team to customise your acrylic signs: the materials, colours, graphics and images, and finish are all adaptable so you can create something unique to your brand.

We want you to get the most out of your investment, so we’ll provide expert advice on maintaining your acrylic signs to keep them looking great and extend their life.

3d acrylic lettering motive graphics

Why choose an acrylic sign?

Acrylic signs are the perfect choice if you need an option which is:

  • Typically ready in 1-2 weeks (depending on design)
  • Available in custom sizes, thicknesses and finishes
  • Shatterproof
  • Energy-efficient LED bulbs on illuminated signs

  • Supplied with 12 months guarantee
  • Available with a variety of fixings including standoff
  • Suitable for internal or external use
  • Weatherproof

What acrylic signage options are there?

Acrylic signs are versatile, effective, and can deliver a serious pop of colour. You can choose a simple and stylish sign or opt for huge custom 3D letters to maximise impact. With so much choice, we’re on hand to guide you through the process and help you pick the perfect option.

acrylic letter motive graphics

Acrylic letters

Fret-cut flat acrylic letters come in many colours and thicknesses and can be cut and adhered to shop fascias or interior surfaces with high-tack adhesive.

We also offer individual flat acrylic letters which can be attached to a wall with hidden poles to give the impression they are floating. 

floating acrylic panel motive graphics

Floating acrylic panel

Like floating acrylic letters, these flat acrylic panels can be attached to a wall with hidden poles to give the impression that they are floating. These designs can also be illuminated to make them really stand out.

push-through acrylic letters

Push-through acrylic letters

Acrylic letters are pushed through a prefabricated aluminium composite tray. LEDs, wires and fixings are then hidden within the tray to create a bright and sleek finish.

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What’s the difference between a perspex sign and an acrylic sign?

They are essentially the same thing. 

Acrylic is a type of material, and ‘Perspex’ is a brand of acrylic. Often, people refer to the brand rather than the material. 

There are alternatives to acrylic, and depending on what you are looking to achieve we may recommend a different product for your project. 

Do I need to arrange electricity for my illuminated acrylic sign?

The simple answer is yes. You’ll need electricity to run your acrylic sign – but we can help!

Whether you have an on-site electrician who can wire in a new connection point or need help from one of our electrician partners, we’ll provide all the guidance you need.

Before fitting your sign, our team will discuss the electrics with you to ensure we have the correct connections on the day. Sometimes, we’ll have to pre-fit the electrics  (this is common on interior signs where wires need to be concealed in the walls).

Is running an illuminated acrylic sign expensive?

The running costs will depend on the size of your sign. Our lit acrylic signage options use low-energy LED lights that run off a 12V transformer. While they will cost more to run than their non-illuminated cousins, they are a cheap and more environmentally-friendly choice than some other illumination options.

Do I need planning permission for my acrylic sign?

If you work in a listed building, a rented business space, a residential area, high street, or shopping centre, you may need planning permission before fitting your acrylic sign, particularly if it is illuminated.

We can point you in the right direction or check with your local council if you’re unsure.

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