an insiders guide to vehicle graphics

what to think about when getting van graphics

An insider’s guide: What to think about when getting van graphics

Putting graphics on your van is an easy and cost-effective way of advertising your business. The secret to getting the best solution for your van is to make sure you understand what is you need and to avoid any costly mistakes.

We appreciate that taking your van off the road is going to hold you up, and that time is money.

The reason clients choose the services of the Motive’s vehicle graphics team is that it’s a hassle-free, easy, you get a great deal and we are the experts for the job!


Read on to find out our insiders tips to vehicle graphics!

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Why do you need graphics

1. understanding why you need graphics for your van

When you are out and about on the road an average of 800 people a day will see your van as you make your way around to do business. The number one reason that people get graphics on their vehicles is that its free advertising on a day to day basis. It’s a fact that graphics on your van can help advertise your business and help get you noticed.

Other reasons you may need van graphics could be that reflective vehicle safety graphics, often referred to as Chapter 8 graphics, are mandatory if you are working on highways. Whatever reason you are looking for graphics for your van it’s important that you think about the following points.

,2. know your budget

First and foremost, ensure you know how much you have as a budget. A basic set of contact details on a small van you can expect to be pay  around  the £350 mark, and a full vinyl  wrap for is going to start from £2,000. The costs in getting your van graphics are going to be the design of the artwork, the print and materials and the installation of the graphics.

Know you van graphics types

3. know what the options are

As with everything, there are a lot of options for your vehicle graphics. As mentioned above a few basic contact details can be added to the sides, bonnet and back doors to your van reasonably cost-effectively, but once you start adding more design and vinyl’s to the process the costs will increase. There most common options.

1: Logo and contact details
2: Infill panels
3: Quarter wrap
4: Half wrap
5: Full wrap

Our handy vehicle graphics calculator will give you a few ideas for what levels of work and coverage you can expect.

4. know the implications

Fitting graphics to a van is by no means permanent but there are things to think about before you commit to installing them on your van.

It’s common to lease or contract hire a van in today’s market, and whilst the lease company are usually fine with you fitting these, they will expect these removed before you return it to them.

We offer a graphics removal service which is chargeable by the hour.

If the graphics have been on a dark coloured van, there will be some colour difference as the sun will affect the colour of the paint that is exposed to the sun while the vinyl will protect the areas that aren’t, this will need some polish work to remover this.

Another point we would raise if you are planning on applying a full wrap to an older van, be aware that any blemishes or dents are not going to be covered by applying a wrap these will still be visible, any vehicle graphics specialist should tell you this and point any flaws out before your start.

Get your van graphics messaging right

5. get the message right

Once you’ve chosen your supplier for your vehicle graphics, you’ll need the design.

Most vehicle graphics design companies will have a template book and you can expect them to use this to show you what the finish will look like. 

When you start on the design keep it simple, keep the message short, don’t crowd and try and put too much information on your vehicle. Ask your supplier to help, ultimately its what they do, so they should be able to advise the best options for your message.

Its also a good idea to get a second opinion and everything treble checked. Just because a designer can make it look good doesn’t mean they know your phone number!

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Make it look great

6. make sure it looks great

You can expect to be asked for a deposit for the design on any vehicle design, this will usually be discounted from the final bill. Take as long as you need and make sure you are 100% happy before you sign it off take your time, sleep on it, come back to it and make sure it’s perfect. You are going to be looking at it every day, you 100% need to be happy with it.

7. know the insurance implications

Technically adding graphics to your vehicle is classed as an alteration, so you will need to ensure that you tell your insurer, All commercial insurance companies are prepared for you to add graphics and in some cases, the policy can be reduced. Let’s be honest who is going to drive like an idiot if your contact details are on the back doors?

8. choose your sign supplier wisely

Enough said on this one 😉

Before you commit any money (even for the design) check the company out, check their portfolio, check the website or check their TrustPilot or Google Reviews but do keep an open mind just because “my mate” always uses “Phil” to do his doesn’t mean you are going to get what you want, or that the at the design will be any good. Our advice is to shop around a bit, make a few calls, ask a few questions get some examples.

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What to check before fitting

9. before the fitting

Where you get the graphics fitted will normally be based around you. Most professional services will have a workshop and they will ask you to deliver the van to them, so you will need to arrange a lift back from dropping off the van and collecting it.

You will also need to make sure the van is properly cleaned (but not waxed) before you drop it off, if you don’t do this you can probably expect to be asked to pay and addition to get it cleaned beforehand.

Check the quality of your van graphics

10. check the quality

Honestly though, it is good practice to check the work before you pick it up, you should expect to have a vehicle sign off and check list gone through once the work is completed. Walk around the vehicle as look for blemishes, bumps or creases. Don’t just accept it, check the work.

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