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Illuminated signs that will make your business or shop stand out

led and illuminated signage

Adding illumination to your business sign or shop sign is the best way to make your business stand out 24/7. While your competition is missing out, your business can be a shining example of advertising when the sun goes down.

Illuminated signage is a must for any business that has customers or visitors that will be coming during the hours of darkness.

If you have a business that faces onto a road, a shopping precinct or rail track, installing illuminated signage is a logical option for your business or shop.

There are numerous ways of lighting your signs for your business, here are six of our recommended options. 

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Illuminated Signage Halo Lit

led halo lighting

Custom LED halo lighting is a great way to light up 3D lettering.

The letters are manufactured with LED lights fitted within each letter to point towards the wall, giving a glow around the sign to make it look like it is floating or has a halo.

There is a variety of different results that can be achieved by changing the colour of the lighting and the finish of the halo illumination.

Illuminated Letters

illuminated letters

By creating the logos out of a white or coloured semi-opaque acrylic we have the option to light the whole of the letter.

By adding LED lights into the base of the letter, it’s possible for our team of sign and graphics designers to make your logo glow from every angle.

If you’re looking for eye-catching illuminated signage that REALLY stands out, this is the one for you.

Facelit Sign Letters

facelit letters

Facelit letters are made with an aluminium body, that is then powder coated to a colour to suit your brand.

They are then faced with a semi-opaque coloured acrylic, with LEDs fitted inside the letter to point to the face, resulting in a front-lit illuminated sign.

These lit lettering signs are great in indoor and outdoor settings.

Backlit Sign Tray

illuminated sign tray

Made with a folded aluminium tray sign, with a logo, text or shape fret cut out on the face. White or coloured semi-opaque acrylic is then fixed behind this with LED lights fitted inside the tray, resulting in a backlit sign.

They are a hugely impactful yet cost-effective sign.

Illuminated Flexface Sign

backlit flexface

Flexface LED backlit signs are suited for larger signs. It is made from an aluminium frame, with LEDs fitted pointing towards the face of the sign.

This is then covered with a printed pvc graphic, stretched tight over the framework. Resulting in a fully backlit and seamless finish.

If you have a giant sign that needs illuminating our LED backlit Flexface signs are great option.n on the marker.

Facelit Sign

front lit sign

Front lit signs are often illuminated using a trough light. A standard non-illuminated sign is fitted, with lights installed above or below the sign that shines back onto the sign.

These lights can be a super modern, stark led light bar or an artisan style lamp that can give a more traditional feel.

“Motive did a great job of redesigning our signage inside and out”

“We had the pleasure of working with Motive Graphics for the re-design of our  internal graphics and signs and external illuminated signage.

From start to finish they were on the ball, and efficient in their correspondence with us. Nothing was every too much trouble, no matter how many times we tweaked things.

Edward was so helpful throughout. We would 100% recommend Motive Graphics. The building looks amazing, thank you!” 

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illuminated signage faqs

do i need to arrange electrics for my illuminated sign?

The simple answer is yes. You’ll need to have electrics running to your illuminated sign. Whether you have an on-site electrician that can wire in a new connection point or if you need help from one of our electrician partners, we will work with you and your team to ensure you have the correct connection point available for fitting your sign.

Before fitting your sign, our team will ensure the electrics are discussed to make sure we have the correct connections on the day. Sometimes, we will need to pre-fit the electrics, especially on interior signs if the wires need to be concealed in the walls,

can I switch my sign on and off?

There are a few options we can offer for switching your sign on and off.

  • Photocell switch – using a photocell switch on your external illuminated signs is a great way to make sure your sign is always on when it is dark. The photocell will switch the sign on when the light is low outside and off when the sun comes up.
  • Timer switch – we can arrange for the sign to be hooked up to a timer switch so you have full. control when it comes on and off. The downside to a timer can be it needs changing as the nights draw in and out.
  • Manual switch – we can wire the sign into a standard light switch so you can control when it is on and off. As this is a manual way of switching your illuminated sign on and off, it can mean it is forgotten.
  • Integrated into your lighting circuit – For internal LED signs, one of the best ways is to integrate them into your lighting circuit. This means that when the lights are on, so is your sign. IT also means it is one less thing to remember to turn on and off when arriving/leaving the office.

is running an illuminated sign expensive?

All of our illuminated signage, use low energy LED lights that run off of a 12V transformer. While they will cost more to run than their non-illuminated cousins, they are a cheap and eco-friendly option.

do I need planning permission for my illuminated sign?

Depending on where your business is located, you may require planning permission to fit an illuminated sign to your building. Often listed buildings, businesses in residential areas, some high streets and shopping centres may require you to obtain planning prior to fitting your LED sign. If you’re unsure, we can help point you in the right direction or check with your local council.

what our customers say about us


Great service, from initial contact right through to install of graphics on the van,
Would 100% recommend they guys and girls at Motive.

Matt Riley, Private Chef - Van Graphics


We had the pleasure of working with Motive Graphics for the re-design of our signage throughout our salon and outside. From start to finish they were on the ball, and efficient in their correspondence with us. Nothing was every too much trouble, no matter how many times we tweaked things. Edward was so helpful throughout. We would 100% recommend Motive Graphics. The salon looks amazing, thank you!

Lash and Glo - Signage and Interior Graphics


We've been using Motive for all of our exhibition and display needs. I can't thank them enough for the projects they have delivered, they always go over and above to help us to achieve our goals. They cover everything from concept creation, to sourcing materials, delivery and build. Everything is always delivered to the highest standard, and there is never a problem that can't be solved! A massive THANK YOU.

Essential Cuisine - Exhibition Stand and Events Solution

From a small pizza chain called The pizza room, Dave and his team were extremely and utterly professional and helpful from the day of purchase to receiving the stickers. Seriously couldn't recommend Motive Graphics any more. We will definitely be using them for future projects we have coming up 🙂

The Pizza Room London - Shop Signs


We’d like to say a massive thank you to the legends at Motive Graphics for design and creating a full range of signs in time for our official opening last weekend!   From a rough brief, they created and tweaked proofs to suit our (and the council’s) requirements, and had them made and ready for collection in no time. Thanks again for your help guys!

Paradigm Cycles - Signs and Interior Graphics


The guys have just left after putting up the external signs at the gym and an internal one on the front desk. I week from quote to install with no issues at all. Will 100% be using again on our next batch of internal signage.

Alpha Athletic Gym - Shop Signs