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The Beauty Beat

Take one luxury beauty event: The Beauty Beat, a luxury beauty event for Women of Colour – a first of its kind in the UK and Motive installing the event graphics and the result was a roaring success! 

The Beauty Beat was powered by Instagram and supported by the British Beauty Council and Klarna.

With 800 guests, including high profile influencers and A-listers, the event was a sell out with delegates excited to listen to a great lineup of speakers and explore the world’s best-loved beauty brands. 

We were part of the team transforming the Congress Centre in central London with gorgeous event branding, ready for the doors opening. By the time Team Motive downed tools, we’d seamlessly installed and perfectly matched up 200m of vinyl, inside and out!

The details…

When a customer says the event branding and graphics will be seen by millions of people, we’re not going to lie, we take it with a pinch of salt. 

In December this is exactly what happened, all 32 million of them!

It goes without saying, regardless of how many people will see them, each project is treated  equally important and every graphic should be perfect. With the scale and publicity around this project we knew we needed to be on our A-game.

Over the course of just a few days we installed 800 meters of fully branded colour graphics to the interior and exterior of the venue, wrapped huge beauty props which included sponsor Instagram’s branding and did some serious project coordination.

The challenge

It wasn’t always straightforward. The venue had specific rules which they needed us to adhere to – they just didn’t always tell everyone what the rules were.

I liaised with The Beauty Beat founder, Donna, and the venue to ensure the graphics met everyone’s expectations. 

“Dave came up with ideas and made suggestions that even the venue had never tried and they looked incredible!” Donna Dia, The Beauty Beat Founder.

I could see how frustrating the situation was for Donna and she had plenty else to do, so I stepped in and attended meetings with the venue to get the project finished and without any issues.

It was one thing Donna didn’t have to worry about and I could make and agree suggestions in the moment with the venue.

“I can count on one hand the number of people I trust. I hadn’t even worked with Dave or Motive before.

I trusted Dave to meet the venue’s management team to run through what we were doing. I just said ‘I can’t focus on this right now, you’re going to have to do it’ and he did. I trusted he’d do the right thing and I don’t trust many, especially someone I’ve only recently met.”

Donna Dia, The Beauty Beat.

Donna had paid a substantial deposit, so it was our responsibility to ensure we kept the venue happy and got every penny of Donna’s deposit back.

Onsite, our seasoned installer and Director Zak was running the project and ensuring the graphics were going up to our exacting standards.

Back at Motive HQ, last minute changes to speakers meant we were updating artwork as quick as we were printing it. “If I was testing their patience, they never showed it. They really know what they’re doing and they’re fun to work with.” Donna

We took time to check surfaces and work out the best way to achieve what we and The Beauty Beat wanted without any damage to surfaces of the building infrastructure.

“Every detail was covered. They spent ages working out the best way to achieve something without damaging or marking anything, which would’ve compromised my vast damage deposit.” Donna

  The Beauty Beat in a snapshot

The result

⭐ Event branding, production and installation

⭐ Perfectly matched up 200m of vinyl, inside and out!

⭐ Props wrapped

⭐ Full project management

⭐ Full removal

⭐ 1 deposit returned to customer in full

⭐ Lots of laughs had

The event

⭐2 day weekend event, packed with the world’s top beauty brands, speakers and experts

⭐ 800 guests, including high profile influencers and A-listers

⭐ 1.2 million unique views across Instagram and TikTok alone.

Event Graphics The Beauty Beat London
Vinyl Conference Event Graphics Motive Graphics
Event Graphics The Beauty Beat Motive Graphics

The final say

It was a great way to bring the speed and pressure of our exhibition stand building expertise together with our graphics and installations. The event was a hybrid between the two.

Donna was brilliant to work with and being able to turn her vision into reality was amazing. We can’t wait to work with her again. 

“It wasn’t just the end result, it was everything in the run up; the fitting; the last minute artwork changes; persuading the hesitant venue team so we could do what we needed to do; they dealt with the challenges, and got the vinyls up and looking amazing, on time.

Motive was incredible; every single team member went above and beyond. We wanted to create a luxe event and that’s exactly what Motive helped us to create.” Donna Dia

Images and video courtesy of James Mason Photography and Selfy for photo booth content.

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