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How lighting and illuminated signage benefit businesses

Lighting and illuminated signage might feel like a ‘nice to have’, but their benefits are often underrated. 

In fact, upgrading to illuminated signage can ensure that your brand is constantly visible – and we think that’s a ‘must-have’!

Put your brand on the map

Adding good-quality signage to your building and making sure it’s illuminated have several advantages. Not only does it make you easy to find, but it also lets your town, neighbours and potential customers know you are there.

We think illuminated signage is the fastest way to make sure you aren’t forgotten and are constantly visible day or night!

Putting your name in lights is a quick win if you’re looking to get your brand on the map particularly if you are new to the town or have recently rebranded your business. 


Which leads us neatly to safety. How much traffic chaos have you caused slowing down to look for a business in the past (not to mention the extra time added to your journey)? High-quality, clear, illuminated signage make you easy to find, and ensure that your customers, delivery drivers or new staff arrive safely and in a chilled-out state!


Illuminated signage can be designed to suit your building and colour matched to your brand. Office graphics have come a long way, and there are so many ways to make your office shine! 

Rather than explain, we’ve shown real life examples we’ve installed!

Van Graphics Kettering | Motive Graphics

illuminated signage & lighting ideas


Pink Business Illuminated Sign-Motive Graphics
Illuminated Signage in St Ives Cambridgeshire

Indoor and outdoor signage

You can make a real statement with illuminated signage, both inside and out. Shining a light on your building – and your brand – can create a showstopping experience for customers from the minute they park their car to the moment they sit down in your boardroom. 

Use unique lighting to spruce up a dull office space and keep guests cheery while they’re waiting for their lift.

Put your brand values in up lights in your boardroom or kitchen area to hammer home what’s important to you. Your favourite motivational motto is calling out to be put in lights on the office wall!

There are a whole host of ways you can use illuminated signage to your benefit.

And don’t forget your warehouses! Businesses often think there’s no point in illuminating their commercial warehouse premises.

However, we’ve installed backlit signage on the exterior of customer buildings to guide hauliers in and out and have brightened up the offices in warehouses using LED (illuminated Light-emitting diode) signs to make the working environment inviting and welcoming (to both staff and guests). 

Energy & cost efficient

If you’re wondering how much lighting your building will cost, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s incredibly energy efficient.

Long gone are the days when lights sucked the life out of the national grid. Illuminated signs use LEDs, meaning they are cost-efficient and extremely long-lasting.  

With a huge choice of weatherproof materials guaranteed for years and energy-efficient lighting, outdoor signage will look after itself. 

Installation costs depend on the height of the building, size of the installation, whether access is restricted (for example, if your premises are on a busy high street) and if extra equipment or safety measures are required.

But, in general, illuminated signage is extremely cost-efficient to install and run, and we can talk you through all of the options during a site survey. 


Illuminated-signs | Motive-Graphics | Bean-Theory | LED Shop Signs
Halo illuminated signs on cabin in St Neots


The beauty of the choice of materials on offer when we design and manufacture your illuminated signs is the ability to customise the signs for the intended space.

This is particularly useful if you have multiple locations and need to customise every sign but need to keep them consistently on-brand.

A lighting and signage partner

Hundreds of businesses trust us to help with their illuminated signage and lighting their business in just the right way. We’re always happy to advise and offer practical ideas and solutions to suit your premises. Contact us to talk about your project.

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