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Stand off letter signs are a great way to make your sign really stand out. Stand off letters, often also called raised letters or acrylic letters. They can be fixed to your shop front, onto the face of your sign or even an interior wall to give your sign additional depth and really make it stand out.

There are many types of stand off letters you can choose from including a wide range of materials, colours, styles and even different ways to create illuminated stand off letters.

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Stand Off Lettering fitted to a wall

stand off letters

Applying plastic spacers or stand offs to the reverse of cut letters gives your sign more depth and attracts more attention than a flat sign. Usually made from 3mm or 5mm materials means these are a cost effective way of creating a 3D sign that gives a large impact for a relatively low budget.

Premium 3D Style Letters Fitted onto a Sign

3d style letters

Using thicker materials is a great way to add a premium look to your sign, without spending a fortune. Thicker materials anywhere from 10mm to 25mm such as PVC foam, sheet timber or acrylic give you the option of having your letters raised on spacers or mounted directly to the wall. 

Built Up Letters Made From Aluminium and Sprayed

built up letters

For a totally premium look, built up letters or LED lit 3D style letters are the option for you. Usually made from thin metals and fabricated anywhere from 50mm to 200mm deep, these 3D letters really bring your sign off the wall and create a sign that stands out from the rest.

Looking for illuminated signs?

material options for stand off lettering

All of our stand off letter signs come in a wide variety of materials and in any colour to suit your brand or style. These materials can either be spray painted to any colour or have vinyls affixed to add colour and effect.

Alternatively, you can speak with our team about a backlighting or front lighting option for your standoff sign. This will give a huge impact on the front of your premises 24 hours a day. Find out more about illuminated signs.

Acrylic for Stand Off Lettering


Also called perspex and available in a range of colours

Foamboard for Stand Off Lettering

pvc foam board

Also called foamex, forrex, foamlite and foamalux among others. Available in a range of colours.

Aluminium Composite Board for Stand Off Lettering

aluminium composite board

Also called dibond, i-bond and alupanel among others. Available in a range of colours.

Plywood for Stand Off Lettering


Comes in many varieties – birch plywood, marine plywood, hardwood plywood and many others.

OSB for Stand Off Lettering

osb board

Also called sterling board.

MDF for Stand Off Lettering


Also called medite, fibreboard and valchromat among others.

Aluminium for Stand Off Lettering


Usually sprayed in RAL colours or special pantone colours.

Brushed Metals for Stand Off Lettering

brushed metals

Available in a range of metal colours including brushed aluminium, brushed gold, brushed copper and many others.

Our team of sign and graphic designers are on hand to provide advice on the best way to create impact with your standoff letter sign. We can look at your company logo and advise which elements will give you the greatest impact. 

Contact the team today to get started creating an impactful sign for your business or shop front.

stand off letter signs faqs

how far do stand off letters sit off of the wall?

Depending on which style of stand off lettering you are looking for they can differ in how far they stand off from the wall.

  • True stand off letters usually come with what we call spacers fitted to the back of the letters. These stand around 18-25mm off from the wall or the surface they are being fitted onto.
  • 3D letters or built up letters can be mounted in two ways, either as above on spacers or directly to the wall. If fitted directly to the wall, these will sit the depth of the material used away from the wall. E.g. a 19mm PVC foam letter, will sit 19mm proud of the wall.

how is stand off lettering fitted?

Stand off lettering can be fitted in a variety of ways;

  • When fitted using spacers, your letters will come with a template that will mark out a series of holes that need to be drilled into the wall or surface you are mounting onto. Once drilled, we then fit spacer cups to the wall for the spacers on the letters to fit into.
  • When fitted directly to the wall, your letters will come with a stencil template sticker with cuts outs for the letters to sit into to ensure the spacing is correct, once the letters have been placed the stencil is then removed. In this case, your letters would come pre-supplied with a high bond tape or a sign grab adhesive.

can I illuminated stand off lettering?

The simple answer is yes. There are options to illuminate and add lighting to any form of stand off lettering in a variety of ways.

To find out more see Illuminated Signage

All of our illuminated signs, use low energy LED lights that run off of a 12V transformer. While they will cost more to run than their non-illuminated cousins, they are a cheap and eco-friendly option.

can I have stand off lettering outside my shop?

Yes, stand off lettering is suitable for interior and exterior use.

Acrylic, PVC Foam, Aluminium Composite and Aluminium letters are great for exterior use and will provide you with a long-lasting high quality sign.

Materials like MDF, Plywood and softer materials are more suited for interior use. These can be used in exterior locations, but without the correct preparation and protection, they may not last as long as alternative materials.

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Great service, from initial contact right through to install of graphics on the van,
Would 100% recommend they guys and girls at Motive.

Matt Riley, Private Chef - Van Graphics


We had the pleasure of working with Motive Graphics for the re-design of our signage throughout our salon and outside. From start to finish they were on the ball, and efficient in their correspondence with us. Nothing was every too much trouble, no matter how many times we tweaked things. Edward was so helpful throughout. We would 100% recommend Motive Graphics. The salon looks amazing, thank you!

Lash and Glo - Signage and Interior Graphics


We've been using Motive for all of our exhibition and display needs. I can't thank them enough for the projects they have delivered, they always go over and above to help us to achieve our goals. They cover everything from concept creation, to sourcing materials, delivery and build. Everything is always delivered to the highest standard, and there is never a problem that can't be solved! A massive THANK YOU.

Essential Cuisine - Exhibition Stand and Events Solution

From a small pizza chain called The pizza room, Dave and his team were extremely and utterly professional and helpful from the day of purchase to receiving the stickers. Seriously couldn't recommend Motive Graphics any more. We will definitely be using them for future projects we have coming up 🙂

The Pizza Room London - Shop Signs


We’d like to say a massive thank you to the legends at Motive Graphics for design and creating a full range of signs in time for our official opening last weekend!   From a rough brief, they created and tweaked proofs to suit our (and the council’s) requirements, and had them made and ready for collection in no time. Thanks again for your help guys!

Paradigm Cycles - Signs and Interior Graphics


The guys have just left after putting up the external signs at the gym and an internal one on the front desk. I week from quote to install with no issues at all. Will 100% be using again on our next batch of internal signage.

Alpha Athletic Gym - Shop Signs