what type of sign do I need?

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What type of sign do I need? 1

what type of sign do I need for my business?

There are a lot of business sign companies and getting a sign for your business is an important decision as it’s the window to your business.

A good sign and graphic design service can really help you show what it is your business does, and often is the first impression that anyone looking at your business will see. There are a lot of business sign companies but in the blog we aim to give you a few ideas and pointers to get you started.

Flex Face Sign

1. how much room do I need for a sign?

You are going to be a little limited if you have only a small area for your sign, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out as a good business sign company will be able to advise you, one thing to bear in mind is size of the sign will depend also on viewing distance. There isn’t much point putting a 6-meter sign on the building if you are only going to view it from 15 meters away.

If you haven’t got a lot of room on your walls, what about putting window graphics to complement or replace this? If you think this is an option, a team that design shop signs and graphics every day should recommend this when we do the initial survey and measure up of your building.

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2. where will you position your sign?

General rule of thumb with signs is, more is more (not less), there is nothing more frustrating than constantly getting calls from a would-be customer to say “I can’t seem to find you”. Within reason put up as many as you can, but don’t go silly. If you can’t get it on your building can you put it by the road or footpath?

Word of warning sometimes roadside signs will need planning permission, if you are not any self-respecting sign fitters or sign designers give you some advice on how to move forwards with this.

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3. who is the audience and what do you want them to do?

Don’t be subtle. If you want a call, make the phone number large, if you are confident people will take down the web address add this, personally I have never done this as most people are bright enough to google search it anyway. If its important to you, a good sign and graphic design team will help you get the message just right.

Whilst a lovely brand logo is nice. Steve’s Interiors, (and apologies if there is a business called this Steve), is all well and good on a sign, but if you have no idea who Steve is or what type of interior he does, chances are you’ll not bother to find out.

Steves Interiors – We sell furniture ………… is a lot more obvious.

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4. when do your customers come to see you?

Most businesses are based around office hours, so except for a couple of months in the winter, people will come during daylight. So the need for a lit sign for people to find you are probably minimal. If however, you want to use the sign to advertise your business and it faces towards where your clients will be, or you are a gym, restaurant or anything where people will be visiting after work then ask sign designer to add some lights on a P.I.R. (light sensor) that will switch itself on and off when it gets dark.

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5. what’s the budget for my sign?

All of the above are going to effect the cost of your sign, but a good team of designers and sign fitters will be able to advise on a full range of solutions that will suit any budget. They should also be able to give you an exact price if they have done a full site survey and considered all the options for you.

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6. how do I design a sign?

A good signs and graphic design service is essential, you can go on a generic web based solution and whilst if might feel like its saving you money, this is one of them instances where you really need and experienced sign fitters to help you out. Use a company that have a specialist team and who design shop signs and graphics as part of the service, going to a one man band, will only result in delays and confusion in the brief.

7. where do I buy signs for my business? and how does that work?

I’d always recommend that you buy signs from the local area, and even if the installation is elsewhere in the UK, having a sign fitter that is in the locality is handy for samples and face to face advice, it’s also great to support local business.

For more information on this, read our blog post – Where do I buy signs for my business? and how does that work?

David Hennessy

David Hennessy

David Hennessy is our Managing Director and co-founder of Motive Graphics, a sign, vehicle graphics and exhibition services business based in Huntingdon and supplying Cambridge, Peterborough and Nationally.

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Great service, from initial contact right through to install of graphics on the van,
Would 100% recommend they guys and girls at Motive.

Matt Riley, Private Chef - Van Graphics


We had the pleasure of working with Motive Graphics for the re-design of our signage throughout our salon and outside. From start to finish they were on the ball, and efficient in their correspondence with us. Nothing was every too much trouble, no matter how many times we tweaked things. Edward was so helpful throughout. We would 100% recommend Motive Graphics. The salon looks amazing, thank you!

Lash and Glo - Signage and Interior Graphics


We've been using Motive for all of our exhibition and display needs. I can't thank them enough for the projects they have delivered, they always go over and above to help us to achieve our goals. They cover everything from concept creation, to sourcing materials, delivery and build. Everything is always delivered to the highest standard, and there is never a problem that can't be solved! A massive THANK YOU.

Essential Cuisine - Exhibition Stand and Events Solution

From a small pizza chain called The pizza room, Dave and his team were extremely and utterly professional and helpful from the day of purchase to receiving the stickers. Seriously couldn't recommend Motive Graphics any more. We will definitely be using them for future projects we have coming up 🙂

The Pizza Room London - Shop Signs


We’d like to say a massive thank you to the legends at Motive Graphics for design and creating a full range of signs in time for our official opening last weekend!   From a rough brief, they created and tweaked proofs to suit our (and the council’s) requirements, and had them made and ready for collection in no time. Thanks again for your help guys!

Paradigm Cycles - Signs and Interior Graphics


The guys have just left after putting up the external signs at the gym and an internal one on the front desk. I week from quote to install with no issues at all. Will 100% be using again on our next batch of internal signage.

Alpha Athletic Gym - Shop Signs

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