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If you were holding out to update your van to a 72 plate post-COVID, you might be rethinking your plans. You’re not alone, news of major production delays has prompted a few customer calls. We’ve answered the most common questions below:

Why Are New 72 Plate Vans Delayed?

If you have budgeted to buy or lease a new van, then you will be familiar with the increased lead times for vans. Van drivers may need to wait up to six months.

 The delays affecting every major vehicle manufacturer are the result of a global manufacturing and supply chain crisis. Originally, COVID-19 halted vehicle makers with major manufacturers through the supply chain shutdown.

Meanwhile, haulage driver shortages and consumer demand for electronics have pushed up the price of microchips.

By the time the lockdown was over, demand for vehicles was on the increase, whilst the global supply chain was picking up the pieces from lockdown – country by country.

If you are awaiting the arrival of your Toyota, Nissan, Honda or VW Group vehicle, you have an extra delay. Their micro controller chip supplier in Japan went up in smoke.

Add to that European floods, the Rhine being at an all time low, limiting shipping access and the Ever Given. And well, the production problem and reasons for the delays become clearer.

What are your vehicle graphic options?

Wait for your new van or fleet

You might feel that your existing van graphics and vans might look a little tired but the delay gives you plenty of time to consider what you’d like to say on your new vans!

We often overlook the messages on our vans, as we get in and out of them all day everyday.

  • Check the phone numbers, email and web address
  • Check the accreditations are still relevant.
  • Are you promoting services that you no longer offer or won’t offer in the future?
  • Do the van graphics you have now represent your business now?
  • What worked on the van graphics and what would you do differently next time?

Planning ahead of time will mean we can get your new van in our workshop and rebranded as soon as it arrives. In no time, you’ll be driving around with the best graphics and van in town.

Van Graphics Kettering | Motive Graphics
Vinyl-Wrap-for-New-Van-Branding-Motive-Graphics | Motive Graphics

Update your existing van with refreshed graphics whilst you’re waiting

Are your van graphics tatty? Have you had to replace a panel and now missing part of your graphics?  Are you feeling a little embarrassed about the state of your van? A quick refresh with cheaper graphics than planned, might be a good interim fix whilst you wait for your new van.

Ditch the new van idea and go with a full vehicle wrap!

Hang on for a year and show your existing van some love! Go big on the graphics with a van revamp for instant impact. Part or full vehicle wrap make a real statement.

Beware! A new wrap or graphics won’t hide dents or scrapes. They can detract attention from any imperfections on your van in the meantime though.



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Smart van graphics ideas whilst you await your 72 plate 1

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