where do I buy a sign for my business?

How to select the perfect business sign company for you

Where do I by signs for my business?

Finding the best supplier for signs for your business need not be stressful and providing you and the company you are working with understand fully the project you can get a perfect outcome with minimal fuss.

The key to a sign for your business is  having a   sign fitting project plan.   Along with this you need to be able to trust the supplier, this guide will give you a few pointers and tips on how to find exactly who you should trust your project too.

We understand that ordering signs and undertaking sign projects are not something that happens every day – especially if you do not have any experience or lack the time in your busy schedule.

This is why our clients chose the services of the specialists at Motive Graphics, we will help guide and support you at every stage of the way.

If you need any help, call the team and our friendly team will be glad to help you out.


If you are asking “Where do I buy signs for my business?” read on

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Understand what you are looking for in a sign supplier

 1. understand what you are looking for in a business sign supplier

What is it you are looking for your signage to do? Do you think that you could undertake the project itself or would it be an advantage to ask the help of a professional?

Fitting a low-level flat sign for your business can be a simple job for most capable DIY’ers or your maintenance person. In this instance, it is possible to ask for your signs to be delivered to you for you to arrange fitting.

Conversely, if you are looking at fitting multiple signs or illuminated signs, which tend to be above standing level or multiple stories up. Or interior signage such as wall graphics, printed wallpaper or window vinyl. It would be beneficial to use a sign supplier who can also provide a fitting service.  These types of signs and graphics are more tricky to fit  for the inexperienced.

2. have a clear outline of the cost of business signs

It is good practice to ask for a full written quotation before you agree to any work to be undertaken. Make sure you are clear on what you are going to be getting for your money. Sign installation projects can become quite complex due to factors such as height access, the supply of services, hours of access and planning restrictions.

Your quotation should  breakdown all the elements of your project, along with who is responsible for paying for each item, for example when ordering an illuminated sign, check who is paying for the electrician to fit the supply feed. It is important to know the costs involved in the project and when they are due for payment.

If you are supplied with a quotation for your business signs, that is not broken down – ask for more detail or the costs of each Individual item.

Buying business signs locally might not be best suited

3. buying business signs locally might not be the best fit

We all like to support local businesses, people you know and certainly recommendations do count. We recommend to check the business you choose suits you, just because you have a local sign company, it does not mean that they are the ideal partner for your signage project. Not one size fits all and it is important that the sign maker you choose, fits your need whether it is large or small.

If you are undertaking a reasonable sized sign project, it is usually beneficial to choose a medium to large sign company. They will be more willing to travel to you to undertake the work and they will be better suited to guide you through the process from start to finish. Smaller sign businesses or self-employed sign fitters, are in theory an obvious choice, but on larger sign projects they are going to struggle to offer the same level of service and flexibility as they don’t have the teams of designers, production technicians and fitters to support them.

Likewise, if you are looking for a one-off shop sign, pavement sign, PVC banners or  smaller sign orders – smaller sign businesses can be a suitable option for you.

4. check reviews for customer service and sign aftercare

Signs for your business can soon add up to be a considerable investment, and it is advisable to look at referrals for a sign supplier, to check they are the best option for your business.

We would also recommend that you check for reviews either on Google Reviews, TrustPilot or Facebook, as these can be a valuable insight to finding out more about their work and service.

Be aware that not all business sign suppliers have a user-friendly website or have social media accounts. If you cannot find a review online, ask them for the contact details of a couple of previous clients and make a couple of calls to ask for some assurance. Do your research, make a good choice and don’t be left disappointed.

Understand any upfront costs for your business sign

5. understand any costs upfront for your business signs

One of the drivers for where to buy a sign for your business will be undoubtedly budget. Depending on the project, costs can become considerable. If you’re a new customer or if your undertaking a larger project, a deposit payment may be asked for upfront of any work commencing. In an ideal world, your sign quotation will have payment terms outlined and should be approved and agreed upon before work is undertaken.

If you’re not sure, ask your supplier if there are any upfront costs required, as this will reduce any delays to your project.

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Choose your sign supplier wisely

6. find out who is fitting your signs

It is logical to assume that as you are placing your trust in a person to supply and fit your signs, that they will be doing the job for you, this isn’t always the case. There are many “sign fitters” who aren’t quite as they seem. It is not uncommon for some of these agencies to purchase and outsource the services they offer externally.

If you are going to appoint the work for your business sign project to an agency, it’s a fair assumption that they will be using an external company to make and fit your signs. This can sometimes result in a lack of control, and higher costs from the agency compared to a dedicated sign company, depending on the subcontractor. It can also lead to a longer timeframe on your project due to the additional layer of communication required between all parties.

While agencies can create some beautiful looking signs and graphics, which will look fantastic when fitted, this usually comes at a premium. There is nothing wrong with using an agency for your sign project, just make sure you are aware upfront of who will be fitting your signs, so there are no surprises later down the line.


7. sign franchises might not be as they appear

It is easy to find large sign supply companies online. Many of these businesses have big marketing spend and will often appear at the top of search results by using paid ads. While these might appear as national businesses, a huge number of these are run as small franchises under a national “brand”. Depending on the management – the levels of quality, service, and cost on each of these can vary. The size of each franchise will also vary and many of these, are in fact still only small businesses and might not be as big as they appear online.

8. be cautious when buying signs from the internet

As mentioned earlier, if you are confident of fitting signs yourself, you can find online sign companies who have websites that you can order basic signs from. This might be a good option as it can be easy and done at any time that suits your schedule.

There are a few things worth pointing out at this point, when ordering online you will need often need to provide artwork for your sign. You will need design your sign, make sure you’re colours, resolution of images or logos and dimensions are correct. If you’ve not done this before, it can be a learning curve and not all online platforms will point out issues before printing. This can result in getting your sign delivered only to discover it’s not what you expected.

A good sign company will have a graphic designer or design department who will go over a brief with you and help design your sign for you. Or if you send over a design you’ve done that has any problems, they will help you around this. Unless you have graphic design experience, we would not recommend purchasing signs via an “upload your artwork” type website as any perceived savings in cost will soon be outweighed by additional artwork, reprint and delivery charges.

9. look for companies who do offer site surveys

When selecting your sign company, it is good practice to see if they will do a free site visit. This is beneficial for two reasons, firstly this will give you a chance to meet a representative from the sign company. Secondly you can chat through your requirements for your sign project in detail and at this point any measurements can be taken by the company who will design, make and fit the signs. This puts the responsibility of taking all the details on the sign company, so you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to worry about getting the measurements wrong, or asking for the wrong material. They will also be able to point out any special requirements needed to fit your signs or graphics, wether they can be fitted from a ladder or if a cherry picker will be needed. This means when you get your quote, it will be accurate, saving you from extra costs down the line.  

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