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12 great ways to get your business seen: commercial signs and vehicle graphics 

Have you decided to set up your own business or revamp your existing business? We’ve given you 12 great ways to brand your business. From budget ideas to making a statement, we’ve included ideas on how to use commercial signs and vehicle graphics to your advantage.

Office Graphics

Indoor and outdoor signage

Two great ways to put your own stamp on your premises are through indoor and outdoor signage.

Treat your office graphics as your homing beacon for new prospects, deliveries and prospective employees.

Illuminated signage on the outside of your building will ensure you are spotted day or night, whilst funky office graphics that reflect your brand on the inside will personalise your office space and make it a welcoming and fun environment to work in. 

With so many materials and cost-effective LED lighting to choose from, you can get your business to look consistent and professional, without breaking the bank.

We can guide you through the best options for your space and budget, to make the process easy.

Van graphics

If you’re a business with vans on the road, don’t forget to include your van graphics too! It’s a great way to effortlessly advertise your business, every mile you drive.

Every time someone sees your business as they drive by or they see you driving by is another opportunity to subconsciously remind them of your brand.

Consistent branding is key to making your business look professional. We will work with you to make sure your colours, fonts and designs are consistent to make you instantly recognisable.

Shop Signage

Kerb appeal 

From boutique coffee houses to estate agents, how a brand looks from the roadside forms our opinion on the business. It might be the best coffee house in town but if the paint is peeling and the shop graphics are past their sell by date, you’re unlikely to visit. 

From shop signage and window graphics, what you can see of the inside through to offers on your A-frame board, we recommend considering every part of the kerbside experience.

Over time, it can be easy to add things to an interior or order an A-frame that all look slightly different, which can stop your brand looking cohesive and recognisable. Refreshing what you’ve got with the same fonts, colours and designs can be transformational without the expense of a redesign.

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Indoor and outdoor signage

Your outdoor signage is important! Using quality materials and illumination will keep it looking great for longer and for less money, if you use LED lighting. Illumination is key if you are a brand that’s open after dark, particularly during the long winter months! Before you go ahead, find out if you’ll need planning permission.

Indoor signage

Indoor graphics can really elevate an interior scheme. Smart vinyl lettering or having your brand name or motto in lights can help create a personal ambience. 

“Doing indoor and outdoor signage at the same time enables you to visualise how it will look as one seamless experience. It can also be cheaper to do both at the same time, as it’s one team and one van full of equipment in one go.

We often suggest different ideas if we know the interior and exterior will be done together as one scheme” says designer, Hollie.

More than one site? If you have more than one site and have deployed the same interior style then vinyl graphics and illuminated signage are a great way to keep the brand consistent whilst customising the size to fit the space and area.

Need inspiration?

We work with Esquires Coffee, a growing independent chain of coffee shops across the region. Their style and signage are consistent whilst the space and size of their premises vary massively.

We’ve worked with them to develop the signage within their brand guidelines, to ensure everyone recognises this brand for its consistent shop graphics inside and out.

Van livery

Is your brand out on the road? Don’t forget your van livery in the process. If you’re delivering, every mile travelled is a free opportunity to get your brand seen.


Don’t have an office and are on the road all day in your van? Keeping your brand consistent and professional is key to making the best impression. Consider using common colours, fonts and copy across your business cards, uniform and van graphics.

Van graphic design ideas

Whilst we don’t do business cards and uniforms, we know as a business, personally, just how important making the right impression can be. Van graphics are a great place to start in getting your message, colours and font established.

Doing van graphics every day of the week, our design team is full of ideas on how to make your van livery look the part. 

Our top tip would be to keep the message simple and sum up what you offer in one line.

“People will only glance at your van, if you put every service and message on there, they won’t stop to read it. What makes you and your service better than the competition? Focus on that along with the best way to get the quickest quote”, Ed Marshall from the Motive team advises.

Commercial signage

Outdoor signage

The types of commercial signage you can install are vast. Your signage can be functional and practical wayfinding or creative and quirky to bring the personality of your brand to life so you are noticed by potential customers.

Your outdoor signage can be simple and relatively small or large scale and lit or unlit.

“Think about when and how people will see your sign. If it’s functional wayfinding and only ever seen in daylight you might choose unlit. If you want people to see it from a distance in every weather condition and time of day, then we’d recommend a lit outdoor sign”, suggests Ed Marshall.

Illuminated signs

If you are looking to upgrade your commercial signage from an unlit sign to one that can be seen day or night, illuminated signage is a great option. 

How do you fit a large sign?

During a site survey, we can offer ideas and advice on the design and materials, talk through the health and safety requirements to install the sign on site and liaise with your electrician or recommend our own to make the process seamless. 

Looking for commercial signage inspiration?

Read our in-depth post on the different types of signs, illuminated sign ideas and a summary of materials we use in the design and manufacture of our signs.

Find us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram where we showcase our latest installations – the perfect place to get ideas.


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