how to stand out using signs and graphics

A guide to help make your business stand out using signs and graphics.

Looking to make your business stand out? Signs and graphics are a great way to help!

It can be hard not to blend in with all the other businesses and shops around you, so it is important to make the most of your shop front whether it be in the high street, retail or industrial park. To help we have put together a quick guide to help you make your business stand out using signs and graphics.

At Motive, we have a team of creative experts on hand, which can help you with your individual project needs. We’ll help you with ideas and graphic design through to manufacturing and fitting, to help you get the most from your signs and graphics.


Whether you’re looking for inspiration or help with your next sign project, read on to find out more!

Backlit sign tray for Lash and Glo in Cambridge
Illuminated letters for ILUX in St Ives
Halo illuminated signs on cabin in St Neots

1. add an illuminated sign

There’s nothing worse than someone not being able to find your business, while this isn’t an issue in the summer – when it hits autumn and it starts getting dark early, an illuminated sign will be invaluable, especially if you have one and your competitors don’t!

It advertises your business even when you’re not there. If your business is on the high street or next to a main road, by having a lit up sign, you’ll be seen 24/7.

Backlit signs make your brand look more premium, and can be used both externally and internally to give an impressive effect. They can look great behind reception desks, in showrooms and in key spaces within your business or shop.

We have a range of illuminated sign options that can be customised to suit your brand. Popular options include Halo Lit Signs, Facelit 3D Letters, Neon Signs and Backlit Sign Trays.

Cut Vinyl Window Graphics in Pizza Restaurant
Sale Window Graphics in Peterborough Estate Agents
Commercial Window Graphics for Kioti UK St Neots

2. make use of window graphics

While it’s important, your sign is not everything. Modern offices and shops have a lot of glass whether it be on your shop front, meeting rooms or as dividing walls and provides key real estate to make use of.

Window space is a great way to advertise promotions through window graphics and stickers. If you’ve launched a new product range, temporary window graphics are a great way to advertise to your customers.

If you’re a restaurant, windows can be a great space to add menus, posters and imagery to entice customers in. This can be done easily through window stickers or printed window clings.

If you’ve got a sale, a giant sale sticker or banner across your window can help communicate this to your customers.

Or if you want to add privacy, window frosting can be used to do this while adding branding

If you’re looking for help with window graphics, our team can help you make the most of your window space, from graphic design, printing right through to fitting.

Printed Foam Board Sign with a Printed Wallpaper
Beer Tanks with Painted Graphics in Leeds
Cut Vinyl Graphics for Geospaital Company in St Ives

3. add interior graphics to reinforce your brand

Signage shouldn’t stop once your customer is through the door, make sure they know where they are at all times. Reinforce your brand through use of interior graphics and signs.

Don’t just add a vinyl of your logo on every wall, think about your brand as a whole – do you have imagery or your products? Or inspirational taglines? Maybe a mission statement? Or simply a backdrop for selfies. This can be achieved through use of printed wallpaper, acrylic images, cut vinyl stickers or even 3D lettering.

Creating a focal point that customers will see as soon as they walk in will help them remember your business. For example, a feature wall with a printed wall wrap and a display for your products can be a great way to communicate what you do in your reception area. Or add floor graphics using your branding throughout your office or shop, to guide visitors around.

4. make use of printed banners and posters in your local area

Advertising in your local area can help attract new customers to your business, roadside banners are a cost effective way to get your name and services out there in your local town. These are especially effective at areas with traffic lights or on roundabouts, where road users will be at a standstill giving them time to see your banner.

Similarly, posters on local notice boards, at information points and in supporting businesses can help get you noticed.

Use your vehicle to advertise with van graphics

5. if you have a vehicle, use it to advertise

Vehicle graphics are one of the most effective ways to advertise your brand, especially if you use a van or car to make deliveries. Think of all the potential customers that will see your vehicle when you’re on the road or delivering your product – why do you think Tesco and Ocado have such bright delivery trucks? How many times have you said “Next door are having their Tesco delivery” – that means their graphics do the job, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Company cars or pool cars are another great way to get low cost advertising, when your reps are out on the roads, they are representing your business, make sure you have vehicle graphics to advertise every mile!

Find out more about the benefits of vehicle graphics.

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Make your sign interesting

6. make your sign interesting

There are a lot of signs out there, and it can be easy to blend in. Think about ways to make your sign different, as a lot of the time, it can be the first physical impression of your business.

Go 3D, adding depth to your sign can make a huge difference and really make your business look more premium than just another flat sign. This is cost-effective to do by adding raised acrylic lettering or go even more premium by adding built up lettering.

Sign trays are another great way to add depth and don’t cost the earth. They look better than a flat sign as they stand out from the wall and have hidden fixings to keep your sign looking clean.

There are a lot of different finishes that can look great on a sign, for example using premium vinyl can give you a huge range of finishes including chrome, gold, metallic, reflective or luminous that you can’t achieve with normal printing.

If you’d like to see some examples or samples of different types of materials, get in touch with the team today.

Black Projecting Sign
Backlit Projecting Sign
Reception Angled Sign

7. projecting signs can make a big difference

When walking along a high street or business park, it can sometimes be difficult to see your sign. This is where a projecting sign can come into its own. They will give you more visibility as they stand out from the wall and point to anyone walking up to your business.

Illuminated projecting signs can be added to help make the ultimate shop front, and are great when paired with an illuminated sign.

If you’re restricted and can’t make use of a projecting sign, pavement signs or a-boards can be a great alternative, with the added benefit of being able to move them in and out, or to a different location when required.

We hope this guide fills you with ideas for your next sign or graphics project. If it does, we’d love to hear from you and see if we can help you out. Simply get in touch with the team on 01480 597 444.

Or if you’d like to know more about the different types of commercial signage, check out our guide to commercial signage.

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Great service, from initial contact right through to install of graphics on the van,
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We had the pleasure of working with Motive Graphics for the re-design of our signage throughout our salon and outside. From start to finish they were on the ball, and efficient in their correspondence with us. Nothing was every too much trouble, no matter how many times we tweaked things. Edward was so helpful throughout. We would 100% recommend Motive Graphics. The salon looks amazing, thank you!

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We've been using Motive for all of our exhibition and display needs. I can't thank them enough for the projects they have delivered, they always go over and above to help us to achieve our goals. They cover everything from concept creation, to sourcing materials, delivery and build. Everything is always delivered to the highest standard, and there is never a problem that can't be solved! A massive THANK YOU.

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From a small pizza chain called The pizza room, Dave and his team were extremely and utterly professional and helpful from the day of purchase to receiving the stickers. Seriously couldn't recommend Motive Graphics any more. We will definitely be using them for future projects we have coming up 🙂

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We’d like to say a massive thank you to the legends at Motive Graphics for design and creating a full range of signs in time for our official opening last weekend!   From a rough brief, they created and tweaked proofs to suit our (and the council’s) requirements, and had them made and ready for collection in no time. Thanks again for your help guys!

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The guys have just left after putting up the external signs at the gym and an internal one on the front desk. I week from quote to install with no issues at all. Will 100% be using again on our next batch of internal signage.

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